Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer

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Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer


A silky, matte-finish moisturizer that improves hydration levels, restores balance and minimizes pore appearance without leaving an oily residue. Perfect for oily/combination skin or for hot, humid climates.

  • 28 Active Natural Ingredients
  • Natural Sodium Hyaluronate helps the skin retain moisture, minimizing the effects of aging, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Encourages cell renewal and exfoliates with Willow Bark & Meadowsweet Extracts
  • Contains raw honey, a natural skin healer, humectant and antioxidant.
  • High in vitamins A,B,C,D and E, protecting skin from environmental damages -Minimizes pores and reduces appearance of redness with Witch Hazel, a strong antioxidant.

Size: 50mL/1.7oz

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