Versani Obsessed; Versani For Life

Versani NYC. It's been years and we're still obsessed with this boutique jewelry lifestyle. With only three stores in the entire USA (two in New York City and the newest in Miami) it is worth travelling for a taste of what Versani has to offer.

Our daily wear includes this staple:

Versani specializes in black diamonds. Yes, black diamonds everything.

The incense burning, the Buddha Bar on heavy rotation over the store speakers and the amazing salespeople, you don't ever want to leave the store - at least with not  buying something.

All jewelry is made in-house, a rare find these days, and anything can be a custom creation. They've made me rings that are out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind and no one will have ever.

Unique, timeless, Black Caviar, Versani. We're best friends.