Gourmet On-the-Go

Living the lifestyle means travelling pretty much all of the time. There are good times, not-so-good times, running to your plane times and meal times. Usually, after the champagne has kicked in and the eye-mask is on you just want to drift into your Ambien-induced slumber to make the next few hours travelling trans-Atlantic to easily pass. There's not much else to do on the plane besides movies, maybe reading and eating.

With the quality of airline food being over-processed, saucy and carbo-sodium driven, who wants to eat that anyway? There's no easier way to arrive at your destination looking tired and feeling bloated than eating to pass the time.

Until now.

Seems to us that British Airways and Lufthansa Airlines, to name two, are stepping up their game. Hiring haute cuisine chefs and making their menus as mouth-watering in the sky as they are at a month-in-advance-type-reservations-only sit down.

Air France and even Delta have gotten on board.

Let's go for dinner.... at 35,000 feet.