Black Caviar Top Travel Tips

As much as we love jet-setting, our bodies aren't such big fans. Two of our most valuable tips from our holistic nutritionist have helped make long flights easier on our bodies, both inside and out. 1. Vitamin C - Sisu Ester-C to Go: these easy to travel packets really help with that water retention after any length of flight. Drink it every morning and stay majorly hydrated. Your body will thank you!

And 2. Greens Superfood: Although the Sisu tastes better than this powder, Greens will keep you absolutely regular. There's nothing worse than the implications of travel on your digestive system.

Lastly, if you can, any time of the day, try to get a good sweat on, even if only for 20 minutes. We love taking full advantage of hotel fitness centers early in the AM, it's the perfect start for a day of sight-seeing, shopping or lounging. But FYI, it still counts if you spend your night dancing (even with a cold vodka in your hand).

Because you can't run Paris if you don't feel at your best, right?