Remedy Those Post-Travel Blues

No one feels sorry for the girl who just came back from a month of blissful travels, but post-vacation blues are real! I'm sure you've felt that “ugh, I'm home feeling”, here are 8 ways to beat them:

  1. Meditate. Do yoga. This practice will give you the gratitude for the life you've experienced and the ones that are yet to come!
  2. Write about the experiences on your trip, relive every memory
  3. Unpack ASAP. There is nothing more depressing than looking at the suitcase you lived out of.
  4. Plan your next great adventure. Have something to look forward to :)
  5. Remember that coming back to reality is what makes leaving it so great, so relish the real time.
  6. Eat the foods you ate on your trip and enjoy the taste of nostalgia! (For me - macarons and baguettes... Mmmm)
  7. Take a foreign language class. It will give you an escape once or twice a week.
  8. Grab a spray tan. If you went somewhere warm and your tan is fading fast, like mine, extend your glow with a little airbrush!