New take on Ice Cream, how delicious.This product is very unique: a shaved ice cream imported from Taiwan, and with a texture somewhere between sorbet and ice cream. Complex? Yes, firstly, this type of ice cream is new to Europe, and secondly,  not very attractive, but rather ugly. The ice cream was so ugly, they  started to deconstruct it; separating the ice cream and toppings. Making character monsters, they decided to put two sugar eyeballs on it, bringing it to life. The effect you get with a some simple eyes is just amazing. They invented a monster and a character for each flavor. Hopefully this Eyescream tastes as good as it looks! For more information on this googley post, please visit

Eyescream-branding-interior-by-m-Barcelona Eyescream-branding-interior-by-m-Barcelona-16 Eyescream-branding-interior-by-m-Barcelona-06 Eyescream-branding-interior-by-m-Barcelona-05 Eyescream-branding-interior-by-m-Barcelona-04 Eyescream-branding-interior-by-m-Barcelona-03 Eyescream-branding-interior-by-m-Barcelona-02