Only if you're as cool as Mona Moore

Just strolling down the street in Venice Beach, California with no agenda, just a warm vibe and cool air. Then Mona Moore appears and it all seems too perfect after that. With not one, but two, Haider Ackerman shoes screaming at me through the window, I knew I was in the right place. In my mind, I had already pulled out my credit card with a little pain, but accenting it with a 'Joker-esque' smile.

The lineup sitting plainly on the floor, is shoe after shoe after shoe of must haves, from the Runway to the sidewalk to the beach. Seemingly out of place in Venice Beach, due to a very bohemian vibe, however, 'if you know, you know' and that's what I like best.

This is a second location for Lisa Dashiell Bush and Anna Maria Varriano which began this brilliance of a store in Montreal, Canada (oh, the irony) and then opened up to the uber cool crowd of California, in Venice Beach. With white walls and simple accents, the shoes literally speak for themselves, but not just a shoe store, adorning a plush white couch were balenciaga handbags, which would go beautifully with the Tom Binns jewelry.

Needless to say I was in creative heaven, with the most minimal vibe that I was over inspired with! Bravo Mona Moore, I adore you! and oh yeah, that credit card did get used!