Nurture Your Summertime Skin

Here at Black Caviar, we are obsessed with silky smooth skin to compliment our healthy body glow. As we know, it does get hot and sticky in the summer, however, we still love our oils. The one to keep your body silky, without a heavy texture and feel would be Olio Lusso body oil by Linda Rodin.

The fabulous blend of essential oils is a heavenly veil to caress large expanses of skin that need quenching. We usually smother it over our damp skin directly after bathing or showering, but Linda Rodin also recommends to apply while still in the shower, to help trap surface moisture on the skin before it evaporates.



Start at the collarbone; work your way down to the ankles and toes, concentrating on dry areas such as upper arms and elbows, hips, derriere, legs, knees, and feet. Its a dream in a bottle, and the bottle looks beautiful too, gracing your bathroom counter top. Recommended only for those who want supple, luscious, firm looking skin! ; )