Art Attack by Mr. Brainwash #KingOfPop

We, at Black Caviar, care about the pieces that adorn our walls, just as much as the product we sell to our clients. Art is expression in various forms and we like to have fun with it and express ourselves in many different ways. One of our very special and most prized pieces is 'The King of Pop' by Mr. Brainwash (a.k.a. Thierry Guetta).

According to Banksy, whom directed the film "Exit throught the gift shop," Guetta began as a proprietor of a clothing store and amateur videographer, who filmed street artists through the 2000s and "evolved" into an artist in his own right in a matter of weeks after an off-hand suggestion from Banksy. His work sold for five-figure sums at his self-financed debut exhibit Life is Beautiful. The exhibit was held in Los Angeles, California, on June 18, 2008, and was a popular and critical success. In 2009, Madonna hired Guetta to design the cover art for her Celebration album.

"King of Pop," along with the other pieces (like Curtis Kulig's Love Me graffiti art phenomenon) of Art at Black Caviar is available for purchase. For inquiries, please email: