Mile High Style

Even though we adore the merriment, we might be the tiniest bit envious of those jetting off to exotic locales this holiday season. To show our ­­(ahem) good nature, we’ve decided to share our most practical (and chic) travelling tips. As usual, minimalism and an understated colour palette are key elements.

1. Black, black, black. It’s ultra effortless, looks good on everyone, slims like crazy, and luxe pieces are easily mixed with high street ones.

2. Layer it on. Aside from the functional - keeping warm and saving dollars on baggage, scarves, light knits and coats lend airport looks depth and polish.

3. Blazers add instant elegance. Leggings or denim, tees or cashmere, the addition of a tailored jacket adds miles of refinement to sky high style.

4. Hats and sunglasses always. We aren’t really referring to slouchy beanies, but the season’s slick headgear – think trilbys or fedoras, can cover long haul hair and add a hint of mystery (who is that girl?). Sunglasses are a true no-brainer, necessary for tired eyes and intrigue.

5. Tote it all. A roomy bag hides every essential and makes one appear extra important (what is in that bag – it must be zillion dollar contracts/ new prototypes/ the latest in technological advances…).

Miranda Kerr Airport Style.jpg