Cocktails and Caviar- The BC Aperitif Extraordinaire

The Blackberry Caviar

The Blackberry Caviar

Scorching temperatures call for restorative liquids- we have just the thing to take the edge off, celebrate anything or toast to Fridays. Black Caviar’s signature spirits combine for a divinely decadent cocktail as refreshing as it is wicked. The inky hue is inspired by our name- of course.

 The Blackberry Caviar

Two parts chilled champagne (we adore Veuve Clicquot)

One part Chambord Black Raspberry Liqeur

Handful fresh blackberries + extra for garnish

Mints sprigs to garnish (optional)

Use a mortar and pestle to muddle the blackberries roughly. Combine the Chambord and chilled champagne with the blackberry mixture and pour into flutes or tumblers. Slide berries onto mint spring to garnish. Sip, savour, enjoy.

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