Tie One on _ BC's Summer Scarf Tutorial

Not reserved for solely for staying cosy through sleet and frost, warm weather scarves are polished, bold and virtually weightless. With an infinite number of motifs, textiles, shapes and sizes to choose from, these filmy squares of fabric are ultra functional (and cost-effective) and lend the most minimal looks a dash of ornamental chic. There are scores of artistic ways to wrap these pretty pieces- here are five of our favourites.

1.        The OH Jackie- Channel the unbelievably elegant former first lady (and perennial member of best dressed lists the world over); a scarf tied on the head lends everyday attire a shot of jet set cool. A delicate, square piece (folded triangularly) works well here.

2.        The Scarf as Shawl- Luxe, unconcerned and tossed casually over the shoulders- this works brilliantly with denim for casual summer events, or with frocks for more formal affairs. A very large, gauzy piece keeps evening chill at bay.

3.        The Off Duty Throw On- Elevate a simple white tee and denim look by irreverently twisting a graphically printed scarf around the neck. Any shape or colour will do the trick- extra lengthy gets extra style points.

4.        The Cover Up- Tied ‘round the shoulders- in the manner of a sarong, under the arms, or simply looped around the waist, oversized scarves do double duty as bikini cover ups. The bigger, the better.

5.        The Add On- The most austere of all the techniques, this one simply involves artfully tying a striking piece around the handles of a sizable handbag. Any size, shape or hue will do. Avoid sweeping the streets.


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