The Accomplished Closet

Investment Dressing Part 1- And We Do Not Mean Hedge Funds

Instant gratification is now embedded in our culture- from films to food and, especially to fashion. Mass produced garments reign supreme for many in this rapidly-changing, trend focused world; who doesn’t love a good steal, particularly when it look stellar- the first time you wear it.

But is it sartorially smart to grab piles of pieces that come apart at the seams, fade immediately or don’t fit to flawless. The two things that matter most- cut and fabrication are impossible to emulate in very inexpensive apparel. The math doesn’t add up- when you look at it from the perspective of cost-per-wear. A truly classic, well-made piece dents the pocketbook once, but five years down the road still looks impeccable (after being worn a million times over). So, while we’ll always check H & M for less costly items, we are saving our dollars for the exclusive, extraordinary, and the exquisitely tailored- and will feel instantly gratified every time we put them on.

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