The Dream- What is it About Hermes that Makes Women Swoon

The years long waiting lists, the intense attachment, the feeling faint with longing- how does Hermes do it? It is the impossible price point, the insanely luxe textiles (saltwater croc or ostrich anyone?), the brand’s storied past, or the simple unattainability of said bags? The Kelly, after all named for HRH Grace Kelly, a literal princess, arbiter of taste, impeccably stunning and well-bred, created in in 1881 and used many years later to hide her pregnant belly. The Birkin, designed by Jean Louis-Dumas for Jane Birkin- quite possibly the coolest girl to ever to grace earth, actress and singer, partner of Serge Gainsberg, poster woman of denim and sleek (yet somehow down to earth) ‘70s style. The bags are handmade by French artisans over several days and made to order- if one were lucky enough to ever choose one. Sigh.

While hardly earth shattering (every fashion girl worth her cashmere adores Hermes), this is our small tribute to a brand we hold in the highest esteem for pieces that elevate any ensemble sky, sky-high.