Closet Master

Vast spaces crammed with designer garments, long shelves lined with colour coordinated shoes, drawers crafted just for jewellery – a girl could spend hours designing dream closets in her mind.

Wardrobe real estate is at a premium, so here are our prized tips (reprinted from our newsletter) for creating a workable/ usable/ visually appealing area for your treasured posessions.


The Closet Cleanse

Change Season to Season - Balmy temperatures call for breezier fabrics. Store heavy knitwear and wool coats; make way for lighter linens, cottons and summer cashmere.

Hang it Up – If you can see it, you’ll wear it. Hanging pieces allow a more visible connection with what’s in there – so you’ll actually remember what you own. Colour coordination is also helpful.

Out With the Old – It’s tres difficult, we completely understand, but letting go of garments (bags/ shoes/ ancient costume jewellery) makes space for new pieces and

Expert Please – Custom closet organizers can be clothes savers. If DIY ideas don’t help, consider hitting up the pros for expert advice. Simple solutions can make your wardrobe look extra luxe.