New Year/ New Decisions

Foodie culture (and at BC, we adore food), is all a-twitter about veganism, what it means to be plant based and how healthy/ environmentally aware/ delicious it is. We’ve dabbled in the diet of plants, grains and legumes, but found it lacked variety (or maybe we weren’t imaginative enough, how many chickpea salads can one eat?). However, when we discovered Thug Kitchen, the excellent, super simple, unpretentious, un-sanctimonious food blog and cookbook, we were straight up hooked. The swearing is plentiful and the recipes divine. This one, for Beer and Lime Braised Cauliflower Tacos (with Cilantro Slaw) is so delicious, we quite literally swooned over it. Three-day-a-week-vegan sounds just about right.