The Art of Exfoliation

Skin is our protector, creating a barrier against dirt, dust and all external particles/ environmental factors, so there are many things happening inside to keep the epidermis in a healthy condition; cell regeneration is a single piece of the puzzle. Our bodies create new skin cells and shed dead one’s rapidly - up to 50,000 every minute. Most of it sloughs off naturally, but the remaining cells can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Exfoliation combats this issue when practiced properly.

Skincare obsessives are super clued into to their routines and the factors affect their face day to day. One important lesson we've learned is that different weather (and seasons) call for different regimes. For the good of our skin, we’re determined to master the art of exfoliation.

Here are a few best practices when it comes to clearing away dermal debris…

1.     Exfoliating 2 – 3 times per week makes a difference (on average). The colder and drier the season, the less you should exfoliate.

2.     Use exfoliants in the evening, before bed and serums – it allows products to penetrate more deeply.

3.     Avoid exfoliating scrubs with large, or harsh particles, as they can be damaging to skin.

4.     Always wear sunscreen if heading out after exfoliating (in fact, always wear sunscreen no matter what).