Skin Sorrows?

There is only one great skin type in our books – clear. As girls who have gone through the ups and downs of mild to moderate to disastrous acne (the kind that hurts and makes you want to hide in bed for days on end), we have only love (and some excellent products) for our fellow sufferers. There are tons of skincare lines that claim to be helpful, when in actual fact are full of harmful ingredients.

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser ($82) fights everyday environmental exposure by clearing the epidermis of excess oil, dead skin, and buildup – maintaining skin’s natural balance. The ultra effective, soap-free blend of sugars, broccoli extract, and fruit enzymes exfoliates and offers a deep clean while refining the appearance of pores. A carefully chosen range of essential oils helps flush away impurities and works to balance oiliness. Kiss problem skin goodbye for good.