Get Your ZZZZZZs/ Get Great Skin

If we take the masses research to heart, a good night’s rest just might just be nature's most powerful beauty treatment. Not only do the optimal seven to nine hours a night result in a luminous complexion, but most hair, face, and body products are most effective overnight because they penetrate more effectively during deep sleep.

If a radiant epidermis seems impossible, our busy lives are active contributors. Skipping out on shut-eye makes skin seem very dull and reduces collagen production (which is an advantage of the human growth hormone our bodies make as we get our zzzzzzz’s). With too little sleep skin is noticeably dryer and wrinkles more apparent, and puffiness and under-eye bags are extra obvious.

We’ve done a little digging and all the experts had this to say about how to get a minimum seven hours in dreamland. Avoid eating large meals late, excess salt and alcohol in the evenings, and drink lots of water throughout the day. Sleep in a cool, dark room under a warm blanket with breathable cotton sheets and make certain to use a gentle laundry detergent (that’s fragrance free is used). The head should be elevated at night elevated to increase blood flow. Keep the most regular schedule possible and ban electronics from the bedroom – they stimulate more than relax. That’s it. We hope it helps. Cheers to a radiant am. And if you need a little help, Aromatherapy Associates, Tata Harper and the BC beauty shop offers serious assistance.