The Truth About Serum

Adding a serum to the skincare routine seems like an extra expensive habit, but the multitude of benefits far outweighs the cost involved. Serums are all killer, with no filler – good ones are crafted from very high quality, often organic and up to 70% active ingredients, making them super effective, and very results-oriented (good for evening tone, reducing fine lines, brightening, firming or getting rid of pesky dark spots). 

They’re created specially to directly deliver benefits to the epidermis (way) deeper down than cleaners or moisturizers to achieve their mission more completely, and to much more noticeable effect. Still not completely convinced? Serums are ideal for those with acne prone skin, leaving less residue than other topical lotions for way fewer breakouts, they keep skin super hydrated and lastly, they actually work – so they’ll save money in the long run. Here are a few we love (available, among others at BC.)