classic cashmere (1).png

It's cashmere season—the textile that elevates everything. Theory has been particularly successful at using the fabric to it's best potential and this season doesn't disappoint. Fall 2019 brings us a very luxurious cashmere lounge set—perfect worn together or as separates (the sweater is also available in a spectral ivory hue) with whipstitch detail that adds to the understated chic.

To spin this sublime yarn, goats (that's right, goats) are required. This fine, silky fibre comes from cashmere goats, a breed native to the Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent, and is now also found across Asia—in smaller quantities. The relative scarcity of this fleece is a factor behind its cost: a mere 6,500 tonnes of pure cashmere is produced globally each year—not much considering it's endless appeal.

Theory also shines when it comes to tailoring. The brand's attention to fit is razor sharp, resulting in pieces that are easy to throw on and yet always look ultra put-together. We like these slightly cropped trousers with boyfriend blazers or sleek tops (or any of the cashmere above).

Theory houndstooth pant $465