With a long and illustrious history, Cashmere is endlessly chic and the most luxe natural fibre in the world. Originally collected from high altitude goats in Nepal and Kashmir (where the name originated), the ultra soft textile hit the mainstream in the 1920s. The best designers—Patou, Chanel, Mainbocher and Schiaparelli made it a must-have with sweaters and twinsets crafted from the delicate fabric. Sought-after for its endless warmth and ability to hold shape, Cashmere is now used on everything from coats to sweatpants to all manner of knitwear. We've got the most beautiful and classic pieces from 360 Sweater just in—effortless and breezy to style.

360 Cashmere Gracie sweater $310, heather, black, emerald and navy.

How to care for the luxurious pieces...

1. Shave on the regular. Knits crafted from natural fibres often pill–a.k.a. form fuzz balls in areas where friction occurs. Use a special device to safely remove these pesky pieces.

2. No need to wear and wash. Assuming the day was free of stains, spills, or excess perspiration, wear cashmere more than once before cleaning. Laundering is typically recommended after about three wears, but up that number by wearing over a base layer, or air knits out after each use.

3. Ignore the dry clean label and wash your cashmere in cold water with a mild detergent. Hand washing cashmere items might be the best bet. Some experts advise soaks of up to two or three hours to achieve peak fluffiness, but anywhere in the vicinity of 20 minutes will do the trick. And while purists staunchly oppose the idea of ever popping precious cashmere into a machine, some aficionados agree that turning a cashmere garment inside out and putting it in the washer for a brief, gentle-cycle spin on occasion is ok (although knits that feature extra embellishments should steer clear).

360 Cashmere Callie Sweater in black or grey $315